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About us

Driving innovation

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How we work

Our work encompasses a broad spectrum of automotive software, including embedded software running in the car, communication middleware (Etch), open source connection management (ConnMan), automotive tooling platforms (Artop), consumer electronic device integration (Applications for Automotive), through to developing the next generation interface for dashboard displays.

In every facet of development, we focus on building reliable software that fulfills its purpose. We accomplish this through agile development principles, this means for us:

  • Iterative development, testing and continuous integration - we develop and release in short iterations, enabling us to quickly adapt to changing requirements. We continuously integrate and test our software to ensure our software performs as expected.
  • Code quality - we ensure code quality through systematic code reviews. Our experience shows that this not only increases code quality but is also an effective way to transfer skills within the team.
  • Training our skills - to stay up-to-date in a rapidly changing environment, we train our development skills through regular internal programming events (e.g. code retreats and brown bag sessions) and conferences.