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If you are interested in any of these presentations please send an email to: info 'at' bmw-carit 'punkt' de.


Collaborate on Linux for Use in Safety-Critical Systems

Authors: Lukas Bulwahn
Link: Recording of Presentation
Date: Edinburgh, October 2018
File: Download

Linux Safety Verification

Authors: Lukas Bulwahn
Date: Munich, 2018, April 2018
File: Download

BMW’s Journey with the Open Source Ecosystem

Authors: Lukas Bulwahn
Date: Munich, January 2018
File: Download


Is Linux kernal development good enough to make your life depend on it? Progress on procedures & methods to qualify the linux kernel development process

Authors: Lukas Bulwahn
Link: The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Europe
Date: Prague, Czech Republic, October 2017
File: Download

An Open-Source Software Platform for Autonomous Driving Systems

Authors: Lukas Bulwahn
Link: FOSDEM 2017
Date: Brussels, Belgium, February 2017
File: Download


Research on an Open-Source Software Platform for Autonomous Driving Systems

Authors: Daniel Wagner, Tilmann Ochs, Lukas Bulwahn
Date: February 2014
File: Download

NFC and the Vehicle – Testing the Linux NFC stack

Authors: Timo Müller
Link: FOSDEM 2014 - Automotive Track
Date: Brussels, Belgium, February 2014
File: Download


Simplifying Complex Embedded Development Processes with mbeddr

Authors: Bernd Kolb, Markus Völter, Stefan Schmierer
Link: EclipseCon Europe 2013
Date: Ludwigsburg, October 2013
File: Download

Autonomous driving needs ROS

Authors: Christoph Ainhauser, Lukas Bulwahn, Andreas Hildisch, Stefan Holder, Olexiy Lazarevych, Daniel Mohr, Tilmann Ochs, Michael Rudorfer, Oliver Scheickl, Tillmann Schumm, Felix Sedlmeier
Link: ROSCon 2013
Date: Stuttgart, May 2013
File: Download


Automotive bluetooth telephony - Combining BlueZ and the modern vehicle

Authors: Mikel Astiz, Timo Müller
Link: LinuxCon Europe 2012
Date: Barcelona, November 2012
File: Download

Layer Management Debugger - Die Fehlersuche in sich überlagernden Bedienoberflächen

Authors: Timo Lotterbach, Timo Müller, Sebastian Schmidt, Michael Schuldt
Link: Open Forum 2012
Date: Esslingen, May 2012
File: Download


Continuous innovation - The survival strategy II

Authors: Harald Heinecke, Holger Grandy
Link: Open Forum 2011
Date: Stuttgart, July 2011

Tool integration using the AUTOSAR tool platform Artop

Authors: Michael Rudorfer, Mark Brörkens
Link: Eclipse Integrated Developer Day
Date: Berlin, May 2011

Apache Etch: Efficient and feature-rich network services

Authors: Holger Grandy
Link: Video
Date: Brussels, February 2011
File: Download


Easy AUTOSAR software component testing with ARUnit

Authors: Sebastian Benz, Dana Wong, Stefan Schmierer
Link: Screencast
Date: Munich, November 2010

Timing propagation in the development of software-based automotive systems

Authors: Stefan Kriebel, Oliver Scheickl
Link: 4th Symtavision NewsConference on Timing Analysis
Date: Braunschweig, September 2010

IVI layer management

Authors: Michael Schuldt
Link: Screencast
Date: Munich, September 2010

Working with ARText and AUTOSAR XML

Authors: Dana Wong, Sebastian Benz
Link: Screencast
Date: Munich, July 2010

ARText in action!

Authors: Sebastian Benz, Dana Wong
Link: Screencast
Date: Munich, May 2010

ARText - Driving developments with Xtext

Authors: Sebastian Benz, Dana Wong
Link: JAX 2010
Date: Mainz, May 2010


Metrics for the optimization of distributed real time systems - Quality definition and measurement

Authors: Oliver Scheickl
Date: SymtaS-News-Conference, Braunschweig, September 2007

Accessing consumer electronics functionality through the automotive HMI

Authors: Reinhard Stolle
Date: IQPC convention on Automotive Connectivity, Stuttgart, June 2007


Rapid prototyping platform for telematics broadcast services

Authors: Matthias Unbehaun, Reinhard Stolle, Wolfram Manthey
Link: ITS World Congress 2006, London
Date: October 2006

Optimizing the selection of representative configurations in verification of evolving product lines of distributed embedded systems

Authors: Kathrin Scheidemann
Link: 10th International Software Product Line Conference
Date: August 2006

Bridging the gap: Modeling and rapid prototyping of HMI systems

Authors: Reinhard Stolle
Date: Vortrag am 3SOFT-Automotive-Tag, May 2006

Modellierungsarten für automotive HMIs

Authors: Oliver Scheickl, Thomas Benedek, Reinhard Stolle
Date: Modellierung 2006, Workshop Modellbasierte Entwicklung von eingebetteten Fahrzeugfunktionen, Innsbruck, March 2006

Embedded system design im automotive Umfeld, Beiträge zur Regelungstechnik

Authors: Harald Heinecke
Link: Vortrag an der RWTH Aachen
Date: Wintersemester, January 2006


Challenges in automated model-based HMI testing

Authors: Reinhard Stolle, Thomas Benedek, Christian Knüchel, Harald Heinecke
Link: GI Jahrestagung 2005(2), pp. 186-190
Date: September 2005
Publisher: Springer-Verlag

Erfahrungen mit der Messung der Wartbarkeit von Steuergeräte-Software

Authors: Amen Hamdan, Jens Heidrich, Thomas Stauner, Axel Wickenkamp
Link: GI Automotive Workshop 2005
Date: September 2005
Publisher: Springer-Verlag

Automotive software engineering

Authors: Thomas Stauner, Christian Salzmann
Link: Vorlesung an der TU München
Date: Sommersemster, August 2005

Automobilelektronik - Gestern und morgen

Authors: Harald Heinecke
Date: CARMEQ Workshop, Berlin, July 2005

Software intensive systems in the automotive domain: Challenges for research and education

Authors: Manfred Broy, Alexander Pretschner, Christian Salzmann, Thomas Stauner
Link: SAE World Congress 2005
Date: April 2005

Automotive system design - Challenges and potential

Authors: Harald Heinecke
Date: Munich, March 2005

Domain-specific IDEs in embedded automotive software

Authors: Michael Rudorfer, Paul Hoser, Tilmann Ochs, Christian Salzmann, Martin Thiede
Link: EclipseCon 2005
Date: January 2005


Intelligent automotive system services requirements, architectures and implementation issues

Authors: Alexandre Saad, Ulrich Weinmann
Link: Convergence 2004
Date: October 2004


Automotive software engineering - An emerging application domain for software engineering

Authors: Christian Salzmann, Thomas Stauner
Date: FDL '03, September 2003