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IVI Layer Management

Introduction to IVI Systems

Current IVI (in vehicle infotainment) systems provide a huge amount of customer features like multimedia or navigation related functions. These features are implemented by different parties (OEM's, first and second tiers) and have to be integrated in the automotive HMI concept. This complex task requires a functional integration (the navigation subsystem navigates to an address from the address book) and also a graphical integration (an HMI menu allows to select one feature over the other and therefore make the other feature invisible). 

IVI Layer Management Component

The IVI Layer Management component was implemented to support the graphical integration of different features into the HMI system. Features are allowed to render their content into several layers and surfaces that are separated from each other.

  • The IVI Layer Management concept is shown in the picture below.
  • The Navigation Mapviewer layer displays the current position and navigation information.
  • The Navigation Overlay layer renders the current route, and the HMI layer displays additional information like zoom factor.
  • The Navigation Mapviewer and the Navigation Overlay are typically designed and implemented by different vendors.
Graphic showing the concept of Layermanagement with multiple layers of a display

Role of BMW Car IT

BMW Car IT GmbH initiated the IVI Layer Management component in 2009 and is currently one of the maintaining members of the software. Different companies are contributing to the IVI Layer Management component. BMW Car IT GmbH is integrating the patches and building releases on a regular basis.

License and Source Code

IVI Layer Management is available under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.

More information

The official GENIVI open source site for the IVI Layer Management component can be found here.