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BMW Car IT works on the Artop project where tool infrastructure for AUTOSAR is developed in a community within the AUTOSAR development partnership.

During this work it became obvious that besides topics that deal with AUTOSAR there are many cross cutting concerns where the requirements stem from AUTOSAR but the solution is in no way restricted to its use in AUTOSAR but are of use in completely different industries.

It makes sense to work on such topics in the biggest possible community so these parts were removed from Artop and are now developed in the open source project Sphinx, which is hosted under the hood of the Eclipse Foundation (

The goal of Sphinx is to provide a basic set of functionality that helps with the creation of integrated modeling tool environments for various modeling languages.

Sphinx's key features are: 

  • Workspace Management
  • Navigator View and Editor Sockets
  • Validation Runtime Extensions
  • Compare and Merge Integration
  • EMF Runtime and  Eclipse Platform Extensions 

More information about Sphinx can be found at .