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BMW Car IT Employees talking to each other while having a lunch break

Working at BMW Car IT

At BMW Car IT we are deeply involved with BMW Group development. As a fully owned subsidiary of BMW, we foster a unique and fun work culture; here are a few insights into our company.

Work variety

We all work on several different projects throughout our careers on different levels of abstraction from conceptual work to implementation and on different levels of technicality from web services or computer graphics to power or vehicle control. We work on differentiating proprietary closed source software as well as contribute to open source projects and help define common standards. Project managers are defined per project and usually also take on the role of a developer on their project. Most of our projects start out as early research and development projects and then shift into production development projects in cooperation with the production development departments at BMW AG where they are transferred and integrated into next generation BMWs. In the process we contribute knowledge according to our individual strengths and specializations, build up technological insight and gather more experience. 

Sharpening our skills

Continual learning is also an integral part of our work in order to stay up to date with current research and technology and to anticipate those future trends that will become relevant to future cars or can improve development quality or speed. Our methods include reading classical technical literature and current publications, attending conferences, organizing public code retreats and practical evaluation of new tools and technologies. We also practice our skills through internal coding events, and learn from each other through code reviews, brown bag sessions, and pair programming. We use state of the art technologies either directly in future vehicles or indirectly for improving development processes. 

Our colleagues

We do projects in international teams, locally or with partners across the globe, work together with universities, keeping us in touch current research and with the open source community as a means to actively exchange knowledge, ideas and resources with external software developers. 

The BMW Car IT Munich team on their hiking day at the top of the Wendelstein mountain in Bavaria, Germany.

Creative environment

Innovation is an important value here at BMW Car IT. New ideas are not only welcome, they are wanted and appreciated. Naturally, this also means that BMW Car IT employees not only have a voice in the company’s already flat hierarchy, but are also backed and supported by management. In order to further enable us to work innovatively and quickly adapt to new circumstances, our processes are agile and lightweight. Promising new ideas of employees are quickly turned into new projects. Our projects are done in small teams allowing us to quickly take responsibility. We enjoy our freedom of choice regarding the evaluation and confinement of software development methods, programming languages, etc., the tools we need are provided to us and we are given the opportunity to explore different options, tools and technologies in each project, thus enabling us to find optimal and creative solutions to the challenges.