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Community Tool Development for AUTOSAR

Today, many large software projects are done in a community approach, which means that developers from various companies collaborate and share the code they write. The code is usually provided under a certain open source software license which gives others the right to use it free of charge but also encourages them to improve it and share their work. 

The project "Artop (AUTOSAR Tool Platform)" uses the community model for development of a base infrastructure for AUTOSAR tools within the AUTOSAR development partnership. Artop’s goal is to bring the benefits of the open source approach within the legal constraints of the AUTOSAR partnership.

Artop - Autosar Tool Platform

Artop is a base platform, designed to assist and accelerate the development of  AUTOSAR tools.  The platform provides common  functionalities that are needed by many tools saving tool developers from redeveloping them unnecessarily.  Artop's goal is to reduce time to market, together with making tool developers more adaptive to change, for example, to a new AUTOSAR releases. 

Artop is developed jointly with partners from the AUTOSAR partnership and is freely available to all AUTOSAR members and partners to use and further develop for: customer projects, in commercial tools, or for research purposes. 

BMW Car IT has used Artop in various projects with BMW AG to foster the introduction of AUTOSAR and to fulfill special customer needs. During these projects, substantial development was done for Artop, in addition to introducing functionalities on top of the base platform.

ARText - Efficient Modeling!

ARText is a framework for building textual modeling languages for AUTOSAR. Textual languages have proven to be an efficient means to describe complex systems. Combined with the power of domain specific languages these lead to a significant increase in developer productivity. With ARText you have the chance to create your own textual language for AUTOSAR.

Within the ARText language family, several languages exist, including the Software Component Language, Timing Language, Formula Language, Variant Language and more.  With each language, export to the standard AUTOSAR exchange format is always available.

ARText is used in many projects within BMW Car IT and the BMW AG and has sped up development significantly. Read more at

ARUnit - Efficient Testing!

ARUnit is an Artop based tool that lets you write unit tests for AUTOSAR Software Components as easy as writing Java unit tests with JUnit. It is perfectly integrated into the developer's IDE and makes testing part of the normal development cycle. With ARUnit, you will have the ability to detect errors earlier, which speeds up development by the shortened feedback cycles between collaborating teams. Read more at

ARTime - Timing specification! 

With AUTOSAR 4.0 supporting the formal specifications of timing requirements, ARTime was created.  ARTime is a special domain specific language (DSL), built with ARText for the AUTOSAR timing specifications. The language was created for a project, where the timing specifications were written with ARTime and the fulfillment of the software requirements were measured and automatically matched with the requirements. The creation of the tool required a short amount of time due to the rich features of Artop and ARText. 

Commercial Tools 

The commercial AUTOSAR tools in use at BMW are based on Artop. The vendors of these tools contribute and consume Artop. The use of a common platform makes it easy to reuse project specific plugins developed at BMW in a commercial tool. The openness of the platform is also a great chance to influence products in a more direct way but still have the advantage of buying an off-the-shelf tool with support and maintenance.