Life in Ulm.

Life in Ulm.

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Ulm has a lot to offer. There is always something happening – it is a renowned university city, with annual events and festivities, a vibrant night life and numerous museums and theaters.

On the one hand, the medieval historical part of town impresses with its historic buildings. On the other hand, modern architecture characterizes the cityscape. Located directly on the Danube, you can enjoy real quality of life in the twin cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm. From the bustling city center it is a short walk to the peaceful riverside paths.



You are an outdoor enthusiast?  The nearby Swabian Alb and Allgaeu regions offer wonderful hiking, skiing and cycling opportunities all through the year. At the nearby Lake Constance, Germany’s largest lake, you can spend many hours sailing or enjoy walking along the scenic promenade. On top of that there are many sports clubs where you can learn or improve your skills in tennis, football, basketball, golf, or canoeing - just to name a few.


You prefer to spend your free time in the city? The Hirschstraße or one of our big shopping malls could be your place to be! There are stores for a wide range of needs. For a little rest or just to spend time with friends or family you can find many beautiful cafés and restaurants in any corner of Ulm.

Nabada river festival.

The annual traditional river procession takes place on “Schwör Monday” with colorful boats drifting down the Danube. It’s one of the biggest city events in Ulm, with people celebrating at the riverside and music playing all day long.

Christmas market.

Over the Christmas period the famous Ulm Christmas market invites locals as well as international tourists to enjoy mulled wine, roasted almonds, “Bratwurst”, “Schupfnudeln” and many other delicious treats.

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