Infotainment and Autonomous Driving

Software Development for Infotainment and Autonomous Driving.

BMW Car IT GmbH has a broad project landscape paving the path towards autonomous driving and connected infotainment systems.

Together with our colleagues in the BMW Group, we are responsible for all the software layers. This includes the Operating System Platform on the ECUs, the essential middleware and service components used for internal and external communication, as well as the customer functions experienced by the driver. The development of the user interface in the car completes our responsiblity.

We are also active outside of the vehicle by developing building blocks for the data analysis and reprocessing in the BMW Group data center, which is an essential requirement to make automated driving possible.

Our engineering expertise covers a wide range including Linux kernel development, Android app development, embedded software development, in-vehicle testing and also backend and cloud services.

In order to apply our excellence in this broad, complex and constantly changing environment, we utilize chances and make use of given opportunities to grow and improve our agile working methodologies. And to better connect ourselves and our knowledge with the rest of the world, we are actively using and contributing within open source communities (check out our BMW Car IT Github repository).